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By finding patterns in EPOS transactions, our solution helps identify and eliminate the internal fraud and procedural errors that cost retailers millions each year. IntelliQ’s unique forensic analysis capabilities stretch way beyond exception-based reporting and traditional data mining techniques. This allows systematic malpractice or process weaknesses to be identified centrally in order to support fast, effective investigations - that deliver huge ongoing returns.


Business users from loss prevention, audit, finance and store operations in some of Europe's best retailers use our forensic analysis solutions to generate fast ROI without draining IT department resources.

Based on Oracle, IntelliQ Enterprise is designed for retailers with large estates, complex data sets and operations across multiple countries.

A central solution to an estate-wide problem
Collecting data from all EPOS systems centrally, IntelliQ Enterprise offers one view of the entire estate. This enables investigators to detect multi-store fraud that may not show up in one store’s data and allows the store management to stay focused on their job. A central investigative solution, IntelliQ Enterprise offers an automated analytic approach to maximise the efficiency of a central investigative team and support a company-wide loss prevention strategy to Loss Prevention.
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A user-friendly solution - for non technical investigators
Traditional data mining techniques typically depend on a highly technical database administrator to construct reports and handle queries. IntelliQ Enterprise is built for non-technical users – from loss prevention investigators to operations managers, the audit team and financial directors. Easy to implement and to manage, it allows business users to create new reports and queries in minutes.
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A fast ROI solution - paying for itself in months
By identifying costly fraud and error straight away, IntelliQ Enterprise pays for itself in a few months. For many IntelliQ clients, IntelliQ Enterprise has reduced internal shrinkage by as much as 10-15% in the first year with an average ROI of 6 months. And unlike other solutions, IntelliQ Enterprise continues to deliver further and growing ROI in the years following implementation.
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