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"Claire’s found the IntelliQ Data Challenge to be of tremendous value during our extensive vendor selection process.

IntelliQ went the extra mile in demonstrating the solution using Claire’s own EPOS data via their own investigative loss prevention skills, an approach not taken by any other vendor we considered. This unique method confirmed IntelliQ as our partner of choice, based on both their loss prevention domain expertise and technical capabilities, and helped us to build a solid business case and return on investment plan within 12 months”.

Jane Titley, Head of Loss Prevention for Claire’s Europe


“The IntelliQ solution provides a powerful visualisation tool enabling users to view both transaction information and charts for train of thought analysis. This enables investigators to use their business knowledge to rapidly drill down to information they can act on.”

In the first year of using the system, staff related losses were reduced by 25%. In the second year, The IntelliQ solution delivered an annualised value of £400,000. Not only did the IntelliQ system pay for itself in a few short months, but it’s contributing to an overall improvement in staff morale and performance. It is the ability to go beyond shrinkage that allows retailers to return millions of pounds to their bottom line and gain ROI in under a year, what is more the returns do not diminish over time but rather increase further. We are now in our 4th year of using IntelliQ’s software, and continue to build on our partnership with IntelliQ – whilst still gaining returns.”

Nigel Terry, Former Head of Loss Prevention, BHS Ltd


“IntelliQ is an integral part of our overall profit protection strategy at Lloyds, this has been built on a strong partnership with IQ over the last 5 years. Year on year it detects fraud at a very early stage which limits impact on the bottom line.

Furthermore the output from IntelliQ helps determine where we need to tighten policy and procedures, it also enables us to send positive information and messages to different parts of our business.  Overall this has led to a dramatic improvement on compliance which in turn improves profitability".

Alan Ledbrook, National Loss Prevention Manager, Lloydspharmacy


“The strategy aims to protect our Partners, customers and profit. It emphasises three elements: an integrated approach to business protection, encouraging every Partner to be proactive; deterrence, by shaping our environment, systems and processes and adopting behaviour designed to deter inappropriate behaviour in others; and investigation, targeted at wastage, cash loss and fraud.

My slogan for the strategy is "‘PYB²’ – Protect your business, protect your bonus!" We are also using IntelliQ’s software to improve our performance in investigating wastage and cash loss. For example, when running a report about unusual discount activity, the result gave us concern that discount policies are not being followed closely enough by many Partners. Partners should be aware that it is their personal responsibility to ensure that when they purchase goods and receive discount, if they return the item for refund they should not receive a refund for the full purchase price!”

Peter Kaye, Corporate Head of Business Protection & Continuity, John Lewis


"New Look adopted IntelliQ’s software as a powerful data mining tool to identify irregular patterns of activity, and present detailed reports with a strong evidential base. IntelliQ’s software represents an important aspect of our profit protection programme, which seeks to minimise loss across the organisation. We were attracted to IntelliQ’s solutions because of the graphical display and because I am able to update the fields myself, without relying on IT.”

Gavin Mills, Business Analyst for New Look’s Audit Team












“Loss is a big problem in the retail sector and therefore for the Åhléns Group. We recognised that the ROI in a properly used LP System was very significant and, as a
result, wanted to be up and running very fast. We are convinced that we made the right decision to implement IntelliQ’s software as the implementation project has been a great success. Part of the reason we selected IntelliQ’s software was the very detailed project plan that IntelliQ put forward, which was tailored towards our specific business requirements and built on IntelliQ’s extensive experience in LP. We needed a specialised data mining tool with effective support and knowledge transfer from the supplier, a simple user interface and the capability of producing well defined reports from the start.”

Conny Nordberg, Former CIO at Åhléns